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Labi Prestige: la ROSSA

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Origin: Italy

Magnificent, charming and hypnotic in its ruby reflexes. It stares straight into the eyes of a structured and rich glass of red wine without any reverential fear.
A beer who enables important reflections, that can arise fireplace meditations and if served on table, loves the strong combination with mellow and rich dressings.
Tasty sauces, alp cheeses, second dishes of red or game meat are asked. However, it will not despise sausages or grilled ribs in friendly and unconventional occasions.
At the end of a dinner it’s a perfect combination with desserts, especially red fruit pies, caramel, dry fruit or cream.
It will not be disappointing if you try it with pizza! Have it with exciting flavoured pizzas: sausage and potatoes, sausage and pepper, Mexican, gorgonzola and salami, pork pepper and Asiago cheese, salami and Asiago cheese.

ABV: 6.5%
Volume: 330ml x 15

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