Refund Policy

Return / Replacement/ Refund

1. Returns are processed by the Site and are subject to their individual policy. 

2. If there is any issue with the delivered Products, you shall immediately contact us by way of e-mail to and in any event such email shall be lodged within 24hr after receipt of the Products. We reserve the right to refuse any returned Product where a return email is not sent.

3. Return and refund are not accepted once the order has been received by a verified customer/recipient if the incorrect item is delivered or the item is spoiled, contaminated or consumed by the customer unless the customer lodge a complaint to the email address within 24 hours.

4. All returns must be done in accordance with the instructions set out herein below. We are not obliged to agree to any return unless all such instructions are followed to our satisfaction. Should we agree to the return, we will deliver the replacement Product to your specified address.

5. You may return the product(s) to the delivery company at the moment they deliver the product(s) to you when you:

  • a) receive a Product that is fundamentally different in nature from the Product specified in clause 6 of Terms and Conditions;
  • b) receive a faulty or damaged Product;
  • c) receive a Product that is not as advertised on the site;
  • d) wrong Product is delivered.

6. We may within (2) weeks (estimated time) from the receipt of return Product deliver the same Product to you as specified in clause 6 of Terms and Condition  upon approval of the licensed retailers.

7. Notwithstanding clause 5 above, any replacement of the Product shall be subject to the availability of the Product from the seller. In any event, if the returned Product is not available to be replaced you may choose any other available Product offered by the seller in the site which commensurate the price paid by you to the returned Product. No cash will be refunded.